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May 18, 2011 by sgoobie

The Ecological Thoughtprint
Illustration by Santiago Belaunzaran Gallastegui

This is a place to question.

What has caused the global ecological crises now before us?  How can they be overcome?

For either question, the answers are far from simple.  Realities like climate change are not caused simply by carbon, by overpopulation, or by inefficiency.  Likewise, they cannot be overcome solely by reducing carbon and population or by becoming more efficient.

For those who are patient and committed enough, this is a place to question, to go deeper, bust assumptions, and to delve into new paths of thought.

This is a place to explore the profound implications of how we think, in order to transform what we do.  It is a place to go beyond footprints and to consider our Ecological Thoughtprint.


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